Out of School Hours Program

Objectives of the Program

  • To provide interesting, varied and age appropriate activities both indoors and outdoors.
  • To provide these activities in a secure, enjoyable and stimulating environment with a ratio of one adult to fifteen children.
  • To provide these activities to all children without prejudice pertaining to gender, equality, cultural relevance or disabilities (mental or physical).
  • To complement the school’s activities and be consistent with its philosophies and policies.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parents must complete and enrolment form before a child can attend the program.
  • Parents are responsible for contacting the Family Assistance Office regarding Childcare Benefit entitlements.
  • Parents must report to staff and sign the Attendance sheet before leaving with their child/ren.
  • Parents are asked to arrange for someone else to collect their child/ren if they know they will be late (ASC & VC). If someone else is collecting the child/ren parents must inform the staff.
  • Parents should ensure their children have a suitable hat with them in terms 1 and 4. Children will need warm clothing during the cooler months.


  • A current enrolment form must be completed before a child can attend the program.
  • Permanent bookings may be made at any time but parents must notify staff if their child/ren will be absent otherwise they will have to pay for the session.
  • Casual bookings may be made by contacting the school’s general office.
  • If children can not be cared for due to high numbers on a particular day, the Co-ordinator will notify the emergency contact to collect the child/ren.

Centre Reference Numbers

  • Combined BSC & ASC: 555008317C
  • Vacation Care : 407123103A


  • The OSHC program is a non-profit program with fees collected contributing to purchasing equipment, art and craft materials, food and staff wages.
  • Fees start at $2.10 per session depending on the family’s Child Care Benefit entitlements.
  • Families who choose not to contact the Family assistance Office will be charged the full fee of:
  • $15 full session ASC
  • $10 from 7am BSC
  • $5.00 from 8:15am BSC
  • Payment of fees should be made at least fortnightly. No fee must remain outstanding for more than one month.
  • LATE FEE ASC. If children are collected by 6pm, a penalty of $1 per minute will apply.

Vacation care

  • The Holiday Program will be operational between 8:00am and 6pm for 8 weeks per year in 2 week blocks between 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, 3rd and 4th and immediately prior to the beginning of term 1. The cost of Vacation Care is $50 per child per day which includes, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea food breaks. Extra costs for special activities will be announced prior to opening up application periods.

Hours of Operation

  • The Before School Care Program will be operational between 7:00am and 8:45am each school day.
  • The After school Care Program will be operational between 3:30pm and 6:00pm of each school day that students attend for normal school activities, excluding the last day of term when students are dismissed early.
  • The Vacation care Program will operate for 8 weeks of the school holidays and on Pupil Free days.


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